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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the MLS?
The quick answer: The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is a database and network that real estate professionals use to share information about homes that are for sale. For more a more detailed explaination please visit: What is the MLS?

How will buyers find my listing?
Once your home is listed on the MLS, buyers will find your home the same way that they would find it if you were listed with a full service agent. Your listing will not only be listed on our website, it will also syndicate out to local MLS sister sites, local brokers and agents, and national websites such as Trulia, Zillow, Realtor.com, and many more! Learn more about the MLS syndication network.

How will buyers contact me?
Buyers will contact you directly because we will always refer them to you. Our website lists owner contact information with every listing, so when searching our website they will have your phone number. If they find your home on the MLS, they will call into our local office (since the MLS prohibits owner contact information), from which we will direct them to call you. If another agent or broker finds your listing in the local MLS, they will see that we have your contact information in the private remarks field (which is only visible to other agents and brokers). No matter how they find your listing, we will send them directly to you!

Do I have to offer a commission?
In order to be listed on the MLS, you must make some offer of compensation. The amount of compensation offered is left up to you, and you should read our Commission Strategies page for some suggestions.

How is this different than just posting on Craigslist or Zillow?
When you post your home on a specific website like Craigslist or Zillow, your listing will only show up when a buyer searches on that exact website. So if you post on Zillow but the buyer searches Trulia your listing won't be found. This is especially important because most buyers will search using a local broker's website or the local MLS website. If you are not on the MLS, you are missing out on all of those buyers! Learn more about the MLS syndication network.

Are there any hidden fees?
No! The up-front flat fee that you pay is the only fee due to us. Well, unless you choose to order additional services at a later time, but you get the idea. There are no other commissions or fees due at closing that are hidden in our listing agreement (like some of our competitors try to do!). 

How can you afford to only charge an up-front flat fee?
Because you, the seller, are doing the work of the traditional listing agent! Think of us as your marketing team. We are going to get your listing in front of all the buyers that are looking for a house like yours. We will get your phone to ring! But beyond that, you are responsible for showing the home and handling things from there. Of course you can always call us if you have questions during your transaction, but you get the idea.

In addition, we have invested a small fortune building this website which allows you to manage your entire listing online. That saves us from having to drive to your home and sit at your kitchen table to complete your listing, allowing us to pass the savings on to you!

What if I have questions during my listing?
Contact Us! We are always avaialble to help answer some questions. Although sometimes intimidating, the process of selling your own home is easier than you think. So with a little guidance you'll be fine!

Will agents blacklist my listing because it is flat fee?
Many Sell By Owners have recounted to us stories of flagrant abuse of anti-trust laws regarding blacklisting. Yes, it is true that some agents are very open about their disdain for not only the law of the land but also their own Realtor ethics. The National Association of Realtors is very clear that blacklisting is not only against the law but ethically wrong.

As in every profession, there are the good the bad and the ugly. Our clients experience the gamut of what agents have to offer. Some are lucky to deal form the outset with the very good. Some too though, have been threatened by the bad&emdash;agents that will not show a home with discounted commissions, or an entire “office” has been “instructed” to bypass the listing too.
While this may in fact be very true, for the most part, we at List2Move have seen that most agents are better than the "bad". Most agents with a buyer in tow will professionally negotiate a higher commission with a home seller. (We have witnessed many many instances of this kind of professionalism.) Sometimes, agents even receive a commission from the buyer for his services. Agents that call to harass and/or threaten to withhold your listing from a buyer usually do not have a buyer. They are venting because they are frustrated by today's new consumer freedoms in the real estate industry.
If Sell By Owners wish to bypass the issue of blacklisting completely, the option of traditional buyer agent commissions is always available. Agents receiving the traditional commission do not have a motive to blacklist your listing. They are getting paid a commission and happy to match a buyer to your listing! And that is exactly why we give you the choice.
As many buyers are perusing the Public Sister Sites of the MLS, Real Estate Agents are finding it harder and harder to blacklist listings. Real Estate information is public and easy for buyers to access. Realtor control of what buyers can and cannot see has dissipated considerably. (That is why some Sell By Owners decide to offer no commissions at all and to deal directly with the buyers who are searching for homes on the MLS Sister Public Sites.)

Who will show my home?
When someone calls to request a showing, you'll have a few options regarding how they will get in to see it. You can remain home to show it, or if they are working with an agent, you can leave a lockbox so that their agent can let them in. Learn more about showing your home.

What do I do when I get an offer?
There are many things to evaluate when you receive an offer on your home. Learn about Offers & Counter Offers.

I'm not getting any activity, should I reduce my price?
If you have listed your home and are not getting activity, that means you are overpriced. It's that simple. Consider a price reduction and see if your activity increases. If not, then you are still priced higher than the market will afford for your home. Learn more about pricing.

I'm getting a lot of activity and showings, but no offers. What should I do?
This usually means that you are still overpriced. Your price is good enough to get someone in your home, but once they arrive they feel the home is overpriced for what it is. Maybe it needs improvements, has layout issues, etc. But overall the buyers walking through feel that it is not worth what you are asking. Learn more about preparing your home for sale, how to price your home, and tips for showings.

Do you offer refunds?
Generally, no. The work that we perform on your listing begins immediately and the majority of that work is complete within the first hours after your order is placed. Therefore, since our work has usually already been completed, we cannot offer a refund. However if you contact us immediately after placing your order and we have not began the MLS entry we may be able to work with you or offer a partial refund. 

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