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Listing Options and Checkout

Next it's time to choose your listing options. Your main MLS listing comes with everything you need to get your property in the MLS, but there are several optional add-ons that you may wish to order with your listing, including lockboxes, additional signage, and enhanced features.

A sample of the listing options page is below:

Once you have chosen your listing options, you'll be taken through a standard online shopping cart checkout. If you have a discount code or promotional code, you will have the opportunity to enter it on the shopping cart page. From there, you will be asked to provide your billing and shipping information, and then confirm your order.

Once your order is placed

You will receive an immediate order confirmation email that outlines your order. At that point, we will begin working on entering your listing into the MLS and will contact you with the MLS number once complete. We may also contact you to verify other pieces of information, since sometimes we find discrepancies between what a customer enters and what currently exists in the county tax records.

A free yard sign is usually included with all listings, as shown in option #1 above, but may according to your local association rules and sign ordinance laws. Even if a free sign is included, please contact your town or home owner's association to verify if there are any restrictions or rules regarding signage.

Next, learn about sign and product delivery!

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