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Hello Tim:
I want to thank List2Move, and you personally, for making the sale of my home a reality. I saved thousands of dollars in real estate fees. This savings would not have been possible without the expertise and assistance from you and your company.
Not only did you provide insights to a novice, but you advertised my property through the major online listings giving my house really broad exposure. As soon as I went with List2Move the calls started coming in. It was incredible! And, at one low price with no hidden fees! Even the sign in front of my home looked great and provided high visibility to passersby. It look better and was more effective than any of the typical signs one normally sees.
I would highly recommend you to anyone looking for significant savings on realtor fees, and still getting the results they want to achieve. Wow! You were great. Your company was great. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.
Harrison C.
Harrison sold his home for $297k and paid 2% in commissions, saving 4% or $11,900! 

Most of the effort to sell your home is associated with getting it ready for prospective buyers to view it in its best light.  While you are preparing your home for sale, you need to decide whether to use a Realtor or to sell it yourself.  I interviewed a number of local Realtors who I thought were quite capable of selling our home.  Since this is a buyer's market, everyone advised us that our home needed to be priced "appropriately."  As part of my research, I searched the internet to identify different approaches for selling my home myself.  Important criteria for us were the need to work with a local firm and we definitely wanted to have our home listed on MLS. 
There is a lot of valuable information about selling your home yourself on the List2Move web site and I talked the owner of List2Move, a number of times.  Based on this homework, we decided we could offer the most attractive price for our home by not using a Realtor and by listing our home using List2Move.  (Our listing did offer a 3% commission to Buyer's Realtor to encourage them to show our home).   
I took the pictures of our home myself and I entered all of the specific data for the MLS listing using the tools on the List2Move web site.  (This requires some organizing, but is not rocket science).  The support staff at List2Move.com was very helpful as I worked my way through these details. 
Our listing went live. We held an Open House two weeks later and more than 20 couples came through to view our home.  The couple who purchased our home had seen our listing on MLS and then they came to our Open House.
The results of our efforts are quite clear.  We sold our home without a Realtor and our closing occurred 60 days from the time our listing went up on List2Move. 
We are very pleased with our experience with List2Move and would recommend them to anyone thinking about selling their home themselves.  The List2Move team was always available and offered helpful advice.
Dorrance and Jeanne L.
Dorrance & Jeanne saved the full 6% since their buyer did not have an agent!

Not sure what else to say here but wow!  These guys are great and always available to talk to if you have any questions.  I offered $1000 commission to a buyer's agent and that's all I ended up paying.  Saved me almost $6000 in the end!  I am definately recommending List2Move to all my friends!   
Taryn B
Taryn sold her home for $110k and only paid $1000 in commissions, saving $6,600! 

List2Move was a key partner with helping us sell our Historic home built in 1824.   We saved approximately $17,000 in commissions which allowed us to be more competitive in a down market.  Customer service was excellent, we were very impressed with the responsiveness related to all aspect of the sales process. 
Thanks again ~ Mike and Carole

List2move is the right way to sell a home at the right time.  With the national real estate market in a downturn and homes in our neighborhood selling below what they did a few years ago, I just couldn't bear to part with the standard 6% Realtor commission; but I knew that it was essential to get our home onto the MLS.
I checked a few other "for sale by owner" sites, but they were charging $600 or more just to list, plus additional fees that quickly added up to more than $1000.  I happened to see a sign for List2move in a nearby neighborhood, so I decided to visit the website--what a deal!  Within days of listing we had multiple inquiries and had shown the home 4 times.  By the end of the week we had two offers and were thrilled!  Not only did we get our asking price, but we did so saving 6% without Realtors!
A few things I learned along the way...  
All of the usual rules of selling a home still apply:  it must be clean, uncluttered, and staged.  I found that some buyers are a little hesitant about a "for sale by owner" transaction, so it is all the more important that the property be in excellent condition and beautiful for showing.
Agents may call you wanting to negotiate the terms of their commission if they bring you a buyer.  You can certainly choose to offer the usual 3%, but I quickly learned that they buyers are looking at the MLS as well, and if they want to see your house, they will demand it regardless of what you choose to offer their agent.
Tim and his team at List2move  are also readily available to answer any questions and guide you through the process.
I don't think I will ever use a traditional realestate agent again!  Best of luck, now go sell your home with List2move and save!
Jared C.

Working with list2move was one of the most stress-free aspects of our for-sale-by-owner experience. The staff was exremely courteous, helpful, and quick to respond to all of our questions (and as this was our first home sale, we had a few). The handsome yard sign and MLS exposure generated a significant portion of the interest in our home, and played a crucial role in the sale of our home in under two weeks. We can't recommend their services highly enough!
Phil & Heather M.
Phil & Heather paid 3% to a buyer's agent, saving them $3,750! 

Just a quick note on how happy we are to have found your awesome service! Selling our house in under 1 week is too good to be true. We saved so much money not having to pay any concessions. Not to mention the super customer service you gave us! I have already bragged about your awesome services and cannot say enough about your site. Every-time I see a for sale by owner sign or a americas choice sign, I feel like stopping and telling them about you. These people are missing the boat. Yours is the only one that has the MLS. Without that they have nothing! Thanks for everything, Talk to you soon.
Josh C.

When it came time for us to sell our home we felt very inexperienced and ill-equipped, since it had been 25 years since the last time we moved.  After interviewing a couple real estate agents who wanted the standard 6% commission, it made sense to further explore our options. We did some research on the internet and decided to choose list2move. We liked the concept of paying a small set fee for the MLS.  We could offer what we wanted to agents who brought us buyers. We ultimately sold our home for full asking price, and saved approximately $4000 in commission.  We would definitely use list2move again and highly recommend it to anyone selling a home.  We got advice and guidance when we needed it, so although we were in complete control of the process, we never felt that we were on our own.
A few things we learned along the way:
Price your home right.  Check out www.zillow.com, other websites, and the real estate section of the paper, to see what homes in your neighborhood have sold for.  Also, check out the asking price of other homes for sale in your neighborhood.  Be realistic, objective and competitive in your pricing.  It will save you money in the long run.
Stage your home.  Remove clutter, and all signs that you have a pet.  Light candles in the fireplace if it's summer. Play soft music. Bake some cookies or an apple pie during your open house.  Every part of your home, especially bathrooms and the kitchen should be immaculate. 
Hold open houses, but don't spend too much on ads in the paper.  We kept an Open House sign in sheet, asking for names, address, phone number and where they heard about us. Over 75% said they were just driving by and hadn't even known there was an ad.  We put open house signs on the corners of most intersections within a mile of our home.  In our experience, signs bring more people in than ads
Jack and Mary Ann W.

Everyone who came to my open houses had found my sale by themselves simply by searching the internet.  I sold my house without realtors within a reasonable time by using list2move.  I got the price I wanted and I was able to save myself, and the buyer, a substantial amount of money.  The website was easy to use, and the services provided were second to none.  I would encourage anyone thinking about selling a house to try selling it themselves first.  The days of the 6% commission are over!
-Nicholas M.

We were so pleased with this service the first time, that we are using them again to sell our 2nd home! List2Move made it so easy for us from start to finish. They always returned our phone calls right away when we had any questions and we were able to choose as much or as little assistance with the selling process that we needed. The legal forms they provided us were so helpful in the stage of looking at an offer, accepting or countering an offer. We greatly appreciated the advice throughout the whole process as well. We sold our house in 1 month and hopefully we'll have the same easy experience this time around.  
Michael & Kari T.

We researched ways to get our house on the MLS and chose to go with List2Move. The representative was extremely helpful and not pushy. We used just the MLS service. We liked the fact that you could pick and choose the services you wanted. We were sure we could do this on our own, yet knew we needed the exposure of the MLS. We found some Realtors more willing to work with us than others (translate: they wanted their full 3% commission). We offered a flat fee of $2000 to a Realtor who brought us a buyer. In the end, we sold to someone who did not use a Realtor. We have already recommended List2Move to others.
Linda M.
Linda sold her home without a buyers agent, saving $7,800!

Selling and buying our home on List2move was the best decision we ever made. The MLS website was easy to maneuver, and the low listing fee was great compared to the 6% commission other Realtors were charging. We saved a total of $5,200 in real estate fees and were able to sell our house in ONE week. You cannot possibly go wrong with this service. They were always available and helped us every step of the way. I highly recommend List2move, and continue to refer all my friends and family. 
Anthony & Katrina G.
Anthony & Katrina sold their home and paid 3% in commissions, saving over $2,100!

If you are planning to sell a home on your own, then you must consider List2Move. I researched many alternatives to get my home listed on the MLS and List2Move absolutely has the best deal going. You not only get your home listed directly on the MLS, but you only pay for the services you use. Like most for sale by owners, you are looking to minimize Realtor commissions. List2Move does just that! The service was professional, hassle free, and the market exposure was immediate. They provided excellent advice and insight throughout the process and were extremely helpful in answering any questions we had. I highly recommend List2Move to anyone considering selling their home on their own.
Peter E.
Peter sold his home without a buyer's agent, saving over $16,400! 

WE DID IT! We sold our house and saved thousands in commissions. Now it's our money in the bank. We knew we had the time and knowledge of our house to sell by ourselves but we needed exposure. With the recent sluggish market, it was imperative to reach as many prospective buyers as possible. List2Move's flat fee approach afforded us the opportunity to get our house on the MLS where it was readily available to interested buyers and agents. Hosting open houses was an excellent way to meet potential buyers and answer their questions. If you're ready to sell and want to save money on commissions, we recommend that you call to learn more about List2Move.
Jack & Becky M.
Jack & Becky sold their home with List2Move and saved over $6,000!

I put my house up for sale by owner in early August, and initially had a fair amount of interest, but no offers. By Labor Day, the housing market was starting to slow, and interest had dropped off. I was thinking I should list with a Realtor, to avoid having the maintenance of a second house for the fall and winter, when I received the flyer about the flat fee program. I was very skeptical, but I decided it was worth a try before listing it. I contacted the office, which was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful, and decided to try the flat fee program. That was around the first week of September. By mid September, I had an offer, and closed by the end of October. I sold to a couple who had a Realtor, and their Realtor told me she had seen the house when it was for sale by owner, but she wouldn't have shown it if she hadn't seen the MLS listing information. She said most Realtors won't show clients houses for sale by owner. This program worked out so wonderfully for me, I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in selling themselves. I ended up saving about $4100 by going with this program!!
Amy B.
Amy sold her home and paid 3% to a buyer's agent, and still saved over $4,100!

Thanks so much for all your help! Your advice was right on, all the way through the process, and you spent all the time I needed to know I was making the right choice. But the best proof of your great service is my house selling 11 days after signing up - and after 3 months of advertising For Sale By Owner on my own, it's obvious that your service made all the difference. I couldn't be happier with how smooth and easy it was, and how much money I saved! It's clear to me that List2move is the way of the future, and I strongly recommend you to anyone selling their home.
John W.
John sold his home and paid 1% to a buyer's agent, saving over $21,200!

I strongly recommend using List2Move for selling or buying a house. I was able to save over $9,849.00 dollars on the sale of my home by using List2Move. Why pay 6 percent of your selling price to a real estate agent, when you can use List2Move and save thousands of dollars on your hard eared equity and feel confident that you are using a professional real estate service. List2Move provides homeowners with an appealing alternative.
Tony O.
Tony sold his home without a buyer's agent and saved $9,800!

When we found ourselves needing to re-locate, we had just spent 5 1/2 years fixing up an old farmhouse that we had poured our heart and soul into. We were not thrilled at the idea that after all of our hard work that we were going to walk away without as much profit as possible due to the commission we knew we would have to pay to a realtor. We made the decision to sell the house on our own. We had a steady flow of interest, but knew that there was an entire market of people that we were not reaching because we did not have our home listed on the MLS. We knew that this was a tremendously important thing in the sale of our home. Consumers are much more involved in their real estate ventures today more than ever before. We didn't want to miss the opportunity to reach the community at large through using the internet as a means to advertise. We were thrilled to find out about List2Move because it was exactly what we were looking for. From the time we signed the contract to get our home on line and our closing; it was a record 7 weeks. Although we were sad to leave our house, we couldn't be happier to know that we got as much out of it as we possibly could. We didn't have to lose much of our hard earned equity to a real estate commission thanks to List2Move!
Troy & Diane B.
Troy & Diane sold without a buyer's agent and saved $10,700!

I moved to Rochester for work in August of 2005 and bought a home in October. We loved the house and even paid a little above asking price for it. So when my company transferred me seven months later, I needed to sell the house quickly, but could not afford to pay a 6% realtors commission. I had previously sold a home "for sale by owner", but knew that in the Rochester market, I needed to have the home listed on MLS to generate the demand. I had heard of the flat fee approach which is very popular in my hometown, Greenville, SC. By going with List2Move and taking the pictures myself and having them put the listing on the MLS, I got exposure on a lot of websites including realtor.com and homesteadnet.com. Almost immediately I began getting calls and showing the home, many more than just the "for sale by owner" sign that I had out front. The best part is that I was still free to sell the home without any commission if a buyer came on their own. By being on MLS, I had dozens of realtors calling to show my house and if they sold it, I only had to pay 3%. I ended up selling my house to someone who was not using a realtor so I was able to save over $11,000. List2Move's a la carte approach allowed me to only pay for the services I wanted and needed instead of paying thousands of dollars for another realtor to enter my house into the MLS. I recommend that anyone trying to sell their home on their own use List2Move.'s flat fee service to increase exposure of their home.
Marty F.
Marty sold without a buyer's agent and saved $11,855!

Just wanted to thank you again for all of your help! We couldn't have done it without you!. List2Move is the best way to sell a home For Sale by Owner. It gave us so much exposure that we were able to sell our home in just 4 days! Their support was overwhelming. They were able to guide us through the whole selling process. We got more than we wanted for the price and had multiple offers! A great investment!
B. F.
This home sold paying $2k to a buyer's agent, saving $4,200!

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