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History of List2Move

List2Move was founded by a Real Estate Investor who earned his agent and then broker license in order to bypass unnecessary middlemen and their commissions, and an Information Technology Professional who was dedicated to providing the best buyer to seller venue available to Sell by Owners today.

Both are committed to their respective fields of knowledge - assuring you the best Selling by Owner experience possible in the real estate marketplace today.
List2Move offers you direct access to the Realtor MLS coupled with the education to make it work in your best interest and the best “buyer to seller” infrastructure that technology has to offer.
Our Philosophy is:
  • Boots on the Ground Ownership and Accountability
  • Direct Access to the MLS and All of its Affiliated Public Sister Sites
  • One price  =   No Confusion - No Conversion - No Packages
  • The Best Sell by Owner Education  and Guidance  and Support.
  • 21st Century Infrastructure for the Best Buyer to Seller Connection.
  • Professional Real Estate Tools and Technology and Experience
Real Estate Expertise - Information Technology - and Unlimited Sell by Owner Access to the Realtor MLS - make Selling by Owner not just one option in home selling today, but we believe, the best option in home selling today.  We don’t earn our bread and butter perpetuating confusion - we cut through it!

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